The Core of Simplicity Wealth

Simplicity Wealth offers managed portfolios and specialty solutions for distinctive investment planning needs. Simplicity Wealth’s team of credentialed analysts and planners oversee the research, trading, rebalancing, and plan development functions of an investment business so that the financial representative may have the opportunity to focus on advising and building client relationships.

Managed Portfolio Series

Simplicity Wealth offers a series of diversified, institutional-quality portfolios that are structured towards select investment goals and preferences. Each portfolio is designed to …

  • Deliver optimal total return through an actively managed, unconstrained investment approach.

  • Remain extensively diversified across traditional and specialized investment types.

  • Form the foundation of each investor’s portfolio by seeking maximum returns based on the stated level of risk.


Institutional-quality, diversified allocations structured to reflect a range of various investment goals and preferences.


A diverse range of strategies managed according to specific investment objectives and guidelines, each delivering targeted investment exposures.


A collection of innovative, bond-ladder strategies seeking high income and predictable cash flow.


Diversified allocations covering an array of risk and return levels while including traditional investment exposures familiar to most investors.


Specialty portfolios using various risk management techniques to deliver varying levels of return and tangible downside protection.


designed to provide varying degrees of tax benefits through sophisticated trading and rebalancing processes of tax-advantaged investments.


A range of multi-disciplinary portfolios utilizing independent investment managers that undergo extensive due diligence and ongoing scrutiny.

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