Simplify Your Investment Business with One Platform

Simplicity Wealth is a comprehensive wealth management platform that offers independent financial advisors with resourceful solutions for building a successful investment business. Our goal is to help you systematically deliver an extraordinary client experience and excess results relative to the average financial advisor. We are committed to providing you with turnkey managed portfolios, specialty solutions, complete support, and competitive pricing, so that your business may continue improving efficiencies, expanding capabilities, and building value in a strategic manner.


Professionally managed portfolios and specialty investment solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

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Private-labeled print and digital marketing platform provides branded client materials for each stage of the investment process.

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Comprehensive client analysis, planning, and proposal development structure for professional client presentations.

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Straightforward practice management integration including back office support, compliance, and training.

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Core technologies for executing investment solutions and enhancing the overall client experience.

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Simplicity Wealth is at the forefront of advancing the advisor-investor relationship through its newest offering: AssetLock®.
AssetLock® is an award-winning communication tool that monitors the performance of an investment account and predetermines the amount of downside the investor (client) is willing to tolerate. If that risk threshold has been compromised, AssetLock® notifies the investor and financial advisor.

AssetLock® helps further an advisor’s standard of care by working to:

  • Define the client’s risk tolerance and investment action plan.
  • Streamline account communication between the advisor and client.
  • Build client trust through secured online access and transparency.
  • Help prevent the client from making emotionally-charged investment decisions.

Through Simplicity Wealth, AssetLock®– Equipped Advisors have access to the customizable app, training materials, marketing resources, and support team.

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